Driving Technology M&A

  Welcome to UranX Group, a holding company focused on M&A of technology companies.

About UranX


Our mission is to identify, acquire and develop technology companies that are leading the digital transformation across the globe. 

Merges and Acquisitions

We undertake a continuous M&A process, from identifying potential targets to closing deals, leveraging our extensive industrial network and strategic knowledge.

Tech Acquisition

We specialize in acquiring technology companies that complement your business, enabling you to expand your offerings and enter new markets.

Tech Acquisitions: Empowering Growth Strategy

Discover how UranX Group leveraged technology acquisitions to fuel growth for a major player in the ERP SaaS industry, strengthening their market position and expanding their footprint.

From crypto payments to M&A focus

UranX began as a crypto payments company but has now shifted its focus to mergers and acquisitions.

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